New patients Joiner Orthodontics Santa Cruz CA

First Visit

For our patients, no appointment is more exciting than the appointment for the removal of braces at the end of treatment!

For us, no appointment is more exciting and important than your first one!

We truly enjoy talking with new patients about their orthodontic concerns, and discussing treatment possibilities. We understand that each patient comes to us with different orthodontic problems, aesthetic goals, and expectations about treatment. We set the needed time to gather important diagnostic information and discuss all aspects of your orthodontic care.

As a courtesy to you and your dentist, your initial consultation appointment with our office is complimentary.

Scheduling Your Initial Appointment

Setting up your first appointment is easy — just call us at 831- 475-5500 and we will be happy to assist you! Or, if you’d like us to contact you instead, click here to request an appointment.

Please allow about 5-7 minutes for the initial phone call, as we want to exchange important information with you to help make the examination appointment as productive as possible.

Prior to your visit, you will receive a letter and forms from us that we’d like you to complete. The actual registration form is included in this informational packet but can also be accessed here. This important information allows Dr. Hulme to review basic medical and dental information regarding any past or current conditions that may affect your orthodontic diagnosis and future treatment.

We will contact your dentist prior to your visit to request any X-rays or other information which may help Dr. Hulme discuss your orthodontic situation with you.

What To Expect During Your Initial Appointment

After being welcomed by our friendly front desk staff, our Patient Coordinator, Victoria, escorts you on a brief tour of our office. Victoria takes a set of facial and intra-oral digital photographs and a digital 3-D X-ray to make the diagnosis more complete, and to better allow Dr. Hulme to help you understand the nature of any orthodontic problems. You’ll receive a copy of these photographs and X-ray to show all your friends and family!

Dr. Hulme’s Examination

Dr. Daniel Hulme performs a very complete examination of the teeth, gums, airway, and smile to determine exactly what functional and aesthetic orthodontic problems are present. If treatment is indicated, Dr. Hulme explains the nature of the orthodontic problems and presents a treatment plan that is appropriate for your specific situation. Dr. Hulme speaks “plain English” so you thoroughly understand the orthodontic problems and treatment approach! Dr. Hulme discusses expected treatment duration and any necessary treatment appliances.

Concluding Your Initial Appointment

After further discussing the doctor’s findings and treatment plan with you, Victoria provides an examination report. She will also review treatment fees, as well as payment and insurance options. You can schedule your next appointment at that time.

If orthodontic treatment is not yet needed, we are happy to monitor future growth and development changes in your oral health with complimentary observation visits.

A referral from your dentist is not necessary — you may set up a consultation visit with us whether or not you and your dentist have discussed orthodontics. We look forward to meeting you soon!